Blackkat Collective NYC presents...
Saturday October 27th
10 Jay Street, Dumbo Brooklyn
Amongst the madness and mythologies
of harvest time - nights of black cats
and masks, superstitions, tricks and treats,
long nights and warm bodies -
the Blackkat Collective, Complacent
Organization and Dumbo Luna invite you
to create your own myth. A masquerade ball
and harvest festival, a sinister,sexy and saintly celebration inspired by traditions of the past and
hopes for the future, from Samhain to All Saints Eve to Cyber-punk and space-age superhereos.

featuring sounds from Blackkat DJs;
POW POW (Jamaican hip-hop and dancehall)
CHROME (techstep drum and bass)
JASON BK (live techno and hardcore)
SEAN HALL of Touch with techhouse
SASKAI of Echo Lounge with nubreaks
RIAIN of Freeskoool with breaks and old skool hardcore
and AKIM FUNK BUDHA with vocal inspirations and movement performance mystic sights interactive artfuck and spontaneous surprises:

Mischief madness and mayhem: COMPLACENT.ORG
Installation art and vibe: D.LIRIUM
Light Sculptures: BULBOUS
Pyrotechnic Performance: LOFT THEATRE PRODUCTIONS
and a climax of mythic proportions, a bad burning band and bunjee spectacle
smart drinks and cyber-bar by KELVIN CHAOS

the SEXY VS SINISTER costume
contest with naughty naughty prizes


10:27pm until Sunrise

$13 straight or $10 if in costume
(free drink tickets for fabulous costumes)

10 Jay St, Dumbo Brooklyn

F Train to York then move towards the water
In order to build beyond the violence and madness recently experienced, a
portion of the proceeds will go to the Gathering of Hope, taking the streets
November 11th:
PS--This is a COSTUME PARTY not to be missed! Some of you might remember a
party we did in July called RGB, this party will take place in the same
spot! Those who weren't at RGB ask a friend, this space is breath-taking.
Also, we've brought together some of our favorite DJs, performers, artists
and crews to make this our best party ever. Besides being halloween, this
is our weclome back to a new and different city after a long and adventurous
break from NY. So come by, bring a friend, DRESS UP, and have a blast.
See you out there,