For Blackkat's last and Spinner Runner Cutter's first event, we are bringing back some of our favorite DJs from our past events, and many new performers. Our day into night will cover our favorite forms of the Heavy Beat :Dub, Techno, Breaks and None of The Above.

Chapter One : Roots : DUB then and now

with DJs FURY8 & DRIVER (Outback Nexus)

and special guest JOSEPH SWEENY

We open the day with classic and modern currents in Dub, the root form of all electronic Heavy Beats. Beginning with classic reggae dub versions thru dub’s influence on dancehall reggae, to the current sounds of dubstep and digital dub.



Chapter Two : The FUTURE of the Heavy Beat

“Omnidigital DJs and Biomorphic Musicians” Warper will demonstrate the future of Heavy Beats, with all live and original sounds made with anything from 8-bit and circuit bent electronics to original and modified software to hybrid and live instruments. The music that follows is equally innovative and beyond easy classification.
featuring music by:

HEAVYW8BIT CHAMPIONCHIP - Music using Atari2600, Commodore64, Nintendo
ATOM - sonic painting of music, sounds, dialogue, and whatever else
THE MATERIALIZER- Dance Stomp Rock with Live Bass Looping
!INCLUDE - No respect for Audio Signals
ATTN: - Live Electro Freak Out band



Chapter Three : The Heavy BREAK
with DJs:
ODI (Digital Konfusion, Konkrete Jungle, Methods NYC)
CX KIDTRONIK (Krak Attack, Saul Williams band)

Two veteran NYC DJs bring the heavy branches from family tree of the Break, from the founding of hip hop and electro thru 2009.

DJ ODI is one of NYC’s best known and respected jungle and drum and bass DJs. He has many releases, his own clothing line, and has played at D and B events in NYC and all over the world for over a decade. Tonight he’ll be playing a special History of Jungle set, with two turntables and two CDJ decks.



CX KIDTRONIK has been DJing since he was tall enough to reach the decks over 20 years ago. His “Krak Attack” album and its hit single, “Big Girl Skinny Girl” have received worldwide airplay. For the last couple years, CX has largely been on the road as the main beat man for hip hop pioneer Saul Williams, and has recorded in recent years with Kanye West, Alec Empire, and Trent Reznor.


Chapter Four : The Big BOOM

with DJs:
LENNY DEE (Industrial Strength, Third Movement)
MARK VERBOS (Djax-Up-Beats, Drop Bass Network)
JASON BLACKKAT (Spinner Runner Cutter, Summer Campers)

Where it begins is where it ends is where it begins, with the Heaviest of the Beats.

Brooklyn’s LENNY DEE has over 1000 entries on discogs, which includes hundreds of vinyl releases and hundreds more remixes and co-productions. For 20 years Lenny has been DJing and producing tracks, not only the signature hardcore techno sound, but loads of house, electro, disco, breaks, and all sort of styles in between. He has played over 1000 gigs at practically every major electronic music event and festival in the world. Tonight he will give us slices of the newest sounds in underground techno, including many of his own wax productions.


MARK VERBOS is a DJ and producer whose roots go back to the fabled Drop Bass events of the early 90’s Midwest. He has over 200 production and co-production credits on vinyl and digital formats, spanning such diverse labels as Astralwerks, Planet Rhythm, and Holland’s seminal acid label Djax-Up-Beats. He currently working regularly with Tommie Sunshine, and he repairs and builds electronic instruments. We expect Mark will bring some classic and new techno and acid, from Detroit and Milwaukee to Berlin and beyond…
JASON BLACKKAT co-founded Blackkat in 1996, and has organized and co organized many outdoor events in NYC and across the US, Canada, Australia, East Timor and Europe. Tonight he will play classic tracks from the pioneering Network23 label, combining elements of acid house, techno, and acid.

and guests artists;

video by LOW-KEY

JEANNE ANGEL - Video Art: Organic Meditations on Lotus light sculpture

AD HOC ARTS : live silkscreening

YUNG and SIMONE : oversized soap bubbles

RICARDO : live painting

SEEJ and co : lighting and video

TAYLOR and DOK : sound

inflatable art and audio by the GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE

and surprises..?