The LUCKY SEVEN SUMMER CAMP was a collaborative weekend-long outdoor music and art festival just north of NYC on the weekend of 7-7-07. We had over 48 hours of music on 3+ sound systems with several other setups and camps. Some of the crews that made it happen include MOURNING GLORIES, SEPTIK NEXUS, RUBULAD , AMOEBA TECHNOLOGY, ZEMI, C-SPOT DESIGNS, PERIPHERAL MEDIA PROJECTS, WINKEL, CIRCLE ARTS and a long list of musicians, DJs, artists, performers, kids, dogs, and party people. It was a donation only event for and by the families and friends of our Brooklyn based party networks. We're sorry we couldn't make it very public; we had limitations on space and sound (especially with parking)...but we are working on a new site for 08 right now that would be wide open to all so stay tuned....!

Below is a small assortment of pix, there are more links below...Thanks to everyone that came out and helped make this event the wonderful thing that it was...and a BIG thanks to Kara for everything! IF anyone has more links for phots or video, please send them to us at!--

777park MaryGoRound-LuckySevenSummerCamp Rubulad-LuckySevenSummerCamp SageLuckySeven
777Barn SonnetDome777 SeptikNexusLuckySeven 777chill
777Devil SeptikBunchLuckySeven Carl777 Septik777

more photo galleries:






and here's a video snippet from

C-SPOT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >>


sadly we didn't get too much audio! but we DID get a few of the mixes in the SEPTIK NEXUS tent:

AMOK : freetek mix

JASON BK : dancehall mix

NEVERMIND : speedcore mix

and our friends from CRUZ CONTROL (Montreal)

BANDITOS : liveset

YANKAT : techno/acid/electro mix