There are just too many people playing at this party for me to write up a bio for all of them, sorry!---I wrote a little for the featured out-of-town acts and the live sets.....


CRUZ CONTROL is an collective of musicans, DJs, artists, and programmers from Montreal; this is the first time they have performed here as a crew!  They host regular events and are putting together a 3-day free festival in Quebec this June…featuring::



Banditos is an active electronic project since the end of the 90s.
 Their live performance blends electro, breakbeat and minimal techno into a unique smooth yet driving flow. Banditos has produced many records on labels such as Ozore Age, Absolute Rhythm, and on their own label, Quadbyte.


We met Kasdal at the first Northtek in Ontario.  Then he was mixing tight free acidtek; now he’s mashing dubstep, breakbeat, and electro via Serato and vinyl.  He’s been playing across Europe, Canada and the US since the 90s.


Some of you heard Yankat play at Lucky Seven Summer Camp last summer; una mezcla de nuskool breaks and housefunk with bits of blipbeat, techno and fat bass drops.


and VJs

Member of the audiovisual label "Aie Prod", and "Cruz Control”,
HpNoTik broadcasts his sound perception by heteroclytes visuals.
Variable of archivist recovery and creation, he recycles pictures
like we can scratch their supports today revived by numerical arts.

Ma is a Vj who finds her inspiration through painting and creation.
She is a quixotic creator of visual experiences, playing with substances, material, transparencies and superimpositions that lead to a visual reconstruction out of the real. She plays a visual set to the rhythm of music as ephemeral video painting.



R-Type brings the noise to and from San Francisco with sound system crews 5lowershop and Otherworld and via his record label Teen Suicide Records.  His mixes can move from hyphy / dirty South beats to hardheardcore and back or anywhere in between, but always raw and un-fluffyfied  He is obsessed with the Mob and would like a tour of famous hit sites while he’s here….



Joey Jupiter and The Germ play pure live acid the tried-and-true way--on all analog gear, no mp3s, no software…..They have been making records for 14 years, now with their own label Drumasheenz, and have played at hundreds of parties in as many different cities.  Joey played at the first Blackkat party on lots of the same gear!  They tour all the time, always playing live---


From the Warper labs comes FreeBass…with Aaroneous on basses and efx, and DJ Shakey (Warper, Rubulad, Shakey's Record Fair) on livetop mixing  sounds and beats…their live show features live multitrack manipulations and  recordings that loop and warp while keeping the groove....




Old time Blackkat and Konundrum Records compadre Zemi17 has been spending most his time lately building a gamelan Robot..this time he’ll be mixing his trademark “Spacehaus” with minimal techno rhythms, his own gamelan sounds and his signature deep meditative beats on Live and controllers. 



The offical CDL driver, organic chemist, and nurse for Septik Nexus, Darxyde is a hardware disciple, using an original TB303 with a pile of outboard gear…Acid fused techno that bumps and twists. 



Witness the explosion of cacophony that is Killawattz, the latest scheme from world superstar CX Kidtronik of the Saul Williams band on beats, and Jason BK of Konundrum Records hurting a poor little bass guitar.  If you like it, great…of you don’t, who asked you? …featuring a couple tracks from the critically acclaimed CX album, “Krak Attack”.