Welcome to ArduiNoise!


The ArduiNoise is my first Arduino based synth. It uses the Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller board, which has 6 analog inputs. Arduino makes all sorts of microcontroller boards and related hardware that use a programming language based on Wiring, and the Processing environment. These boards can be used with servos, sensors, LEDS and much more...see the ARDUINO homepage for more info


The ArduiNoise uses a simple wiring scheme and 6 potentiometers to select and control parameters from a set of embedded modules. The programming language is very simliar to C++. Here is the link for my CODE. Thanks to Eric Schweitzer at Hunter College, and to the programmers credited in the code.

Arduino boards are quite easy and fun to use! You can get all the info you need to understand the coding at Arduino's website. Ladyada's website also has great tutorials. The parts are pretty cheapl this board costs less than $50 for all the Duemilanove, some wires, a breadboard and the 6 pots.


To the right are a few audio samples from the ArduiNoise. Please send me any feedback to my email addy. If anyone has additional modules you would like to share, or suggestions on improving or warping my code, please feel free to write.